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A wonderful and emotive piece of personal kit carried by Captain the Honourable Francis Ormond Henry Eaton DSO Grenadier Guards.


Containing Field dressings and First aid related items this kit is in superb and untouched condition

Eaton was posted as Captain of the No 2 Company of the 3rd Battalion of the Grenadier Guards.  The 3rd Battalion of the Grenadier Guards were in charge of securing the third objective, referred to as the Green Line.  The Battalion proceeded to obtain its objective after the leading Battalion obtained the Blue Line, the first objective. The Battalion mobilized at 5 AM and crossed  the Canal with minor difficulty; though there was shelling, and the petrol tins that functioned as bridges were damaged, they managed to cross the Canal with no casualties.  There was German shelling as the Battalion advanced in artillery formation to Artillery Wood, towards the Blue Line.  When the Battalion approached the second objective, the Black Line, it discovered there were no British troops in front of it because the Scots Guard, having suffered a high amount of casualties, were busy dealing with the “pill-boxes” on their right (I believe these housed the German machine guns). Eaton disengaged No 2 Company and brought it up onto the left of the No 1 Company (who had suffered casualties due to the machine guns at Maison Tambour). Eaton and a Lieutenant Fryer extended their companies in two waves and, with the aid of the Scots Guard, rushed on and seized the second objective, the Black Line. 

The advance to the third objective was timed to begin, and the responsibility of capturing the Green Line fell on the 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards and 1st Battalion Coldstream.  Opposition to the advance was met in the form of block-houses on the railway, which were also holding up the Thirty-Eighth division.  The No 2 Company, which was on the left, was not free to advance due to many “pill-boxes” in front of the Company that needed to be disposed of.  Eaton dealt with the “pill-boxes” and, using Lewis Guns and bombs, demolished them.  The No 2 Company continued its advance.  With the aid of other platoons, No 1 and No 2 Companies were able to secure the Green Line. 


Here is a link to a superb Great War reseach and Bio for EATON

Great War Grenadier Guards Personal First Aid Kit - Captain FOH Eaton DSO 3rd Bn

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