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A stunning and original helmet worn by Lt Colonel David Milne Home, The guilding is superb and enamels are intact and in perfect condition, With its correct Yak hair scarlet plume.


Colonels Milne Home's Full Dress Tunic, Crossbelt, Pouch, Buff leather breeches and Cuirass are also available (Ex Christies Sale)


Milne Home was born in Edinburgh, the eldest son of David Milne-Home (thus making him a grandson of Admiral Sir David Milne) and his wife Jean Home, heiress of William Foreman Home. After being educated at Cheltenham College, Trinity College, Cambridge and Edinburgh University, he joined the Royal Horse Guards in 1861.

In politics, Milne Home was elected Member of Parliament (MP) for the English borough constituency of Berwick-upon-Tweed in February 1874. He lost his seat in the 1880 general election, but the election was declared void and he was re-elected at a by-election in July 1880. He retired from parliamentary politics upon his defeat in the Scottish county constituency of Berwickshire in the general election of 1885.

Returning to the army, he served as second in command of the Household Cavalry Regiment in the Anglo-Egyptian War in 1882, and was present in the engagements at El Magfar, Mahamma and Kassassin. He completed his period of command of the Royal Horse Guards in