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A superb and rare example of the Regimental Pattern as worn by an Officer of the 13th Light Dragoons at Waterloo.


This particular example is featured on page 35 of Carman's book "Sabretaches of the Light Cavalry" clear indications of the battle Honours of Peninsula and Waterloo added after the honour of Waterloo was awarded.


The regiment, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Shapland Boyse and forming part of the 7th Cavalry Brigade, but operationally attached to the 5th Cavalry Brigade, next took part in the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815. The regiment charged repeatedly during the day and completely routed a square of French infantry. An officer of the 13th wrote:

Our last and most brilliant charge, was at the moment that Lord Hill, perceiving the movement of the Prussian army, and finding the French Imperial Guard on the point of forcing a part of the British position, cried out, - "Drive them back, 13th!" such an order from such a man, could not be misconstrued, and it was punctually obeyed.

At that battle the armies of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington and Generalfeldmarschall Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher decisively defeated the armies of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

13th Light Dragoons Officers Sabretache - Worn at Waterloo

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